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Our Business or Organization pledges to advance climate and environmental justice and the mitigation of climate change. To support these causes and the people who fight for them, I/we pledge to…

  • Prioritize sustainability, justice, and reduced environmental footprint in every business decision.

  • Respect my/our surrounding environment and community.

  • Reduce my/our carbon emissions as much and as quickly as possible.

  • Move towards technologies, facilities, and operations that do not use fossil fuels or otherwise harm the environment.

  • Cut back on consumption and waste.

  • Collaborate with and be open to the feedback of other people, businesses, and organizations that advance climate justice.

  • Refrain from donating to political candidates who do not unequivocally accept climate science and address climate change in action as well as words.

  • Invest in local farms & businesses who are working to capture carbon through restorative agriculture.