Vancouver to Oppose Oil Port

Picture taken from a Sûreté du Québec helicopter of Lac-Mégantic, the day of the derailment.

On May 15, 2014, Eric J. Holmes, the City Manager of Vancouver, Washington presented a Draft Policy Resolution opposing a crude-by-rail proposed by Tesoro Savage at the Port of Vancouver.


A RESOLUTION expressing the deep concern of
the Vancouver City Council about the threat to life, safety and the environment due to accidents, potential spills and explosions posed
by the oil terminal proposed to be located adjacent to downtown  Vancouver; requesting the Port of Vancouver to terminate its lease with Tesoro Savage; urging EFSEC to recommend against the
siting of the oil terminal; urging the Governor to not approve a site certification agreement; and urging Congress, the Legislature, and regulators to adopt laws and regulations to increase the safety of the transportation of crude oil.  (read all)


Nobel-Winning IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri Urges Obama to “Listen to Science” on Global Warming

One of the world’s most prominent experts on climate science, Rajendra Pachauri, is criticizing negotiators at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Durban for not paying enough attention to science. Pachauri is chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore. “What we have done is we have increased the concentration of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere far beyond what has taken place over the last 650,000 years,” Pachauri says. “As a result, during the 20th century, we had average warming of about 0.74 degrees Celsius, sea-level rise of about 17 centimeters, and a whole range of impacts, as I mentioned, on human health, on agriculture, on ecosystems… The IPCC Fourth Assessment Report had clearly brought out that if we want to limit temperature increase to two degrees or thereabouts, two to 2.4 degrees Celsius, and if we want to do it at least cost, then emissions will have to peak no later than 2015. And we are now talking about 2020. That means the world will incur a much larger expense in reducing emissions. And in the meantime, we’ll also suffer far more serious impacts of climate change.” When asked about the position of the United States in the negotiation, Pachauri says, “I would also ask President Obama to listen to the voice of science. And he has an absolutely outstanding science adviser in John Holdren. Maybe he should get John to organize a meeting of the scientists soon after he’s re-elected—if he’s re-elected—and then determine U.S. policy, as should be the case with every country in the world, based on the scientific evidence that’s available.” Pachauri continued, “Actually, to be honest, nobody over here [at COP 17] is paying any attention to science.” [includes rush transcript]

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Portland Oil Terminal

Portland Oil Terminal


CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust, Inc. acquired a petroleum products terminal facility (“the Portland Terminal Facility”) for $40 million in January 2014. This terminal was soon leased to Arc Logistics Partners LP under a ‘long-term triple net lease’ (fifteen-year-lease) with opportunity to purchase the facility. Arc Logistics Partners LP is engaged in a partnership with a currently unknown oil company for this project.

5501 NW Front Avenue

Portland, OR 97210



Formerly known as the “Willbridge Facility” or the “Paramount Petroleum” plant. Here are the JAN 14 SEC filings of the purchase and leasing of the facility.

The facility is a 39-acre site adjacent to the Willamette River in NW Portland with 84 tanks that has a total storage capacity of 1,466,000 barrels and is capable of receiving, storing and delivering heavy and refined petroleum products. Arc Logistics sees the terminal as being able “…to provide opportunity for significant incremental growth as additional customers or terminal capabilities are developed”. CorEnergy claims there to be an existing planned improvement project and anticipates an additional $10 million towards this end. Arc Logistics will have 100% control of operations on the facility.


It has multimodal capabilities of receiving or delivering products via railroad, marine (up to panamax vessel size) and a truck loading rack. The marine facilities are accessed through a neighboring terminal facility via pipeline. The terminal offers heating systems, emulsions, and an on-site product testing laboratory. The offering of heating systems and emulsions are critical to tar-sands bitumen handling.

Arc Terminals Holdings
This is the subsidiary of Arc Logistics Partners that will be managing the facility. Its State of Oregon filings have its primary offices listed in Woodlands, TX and the State of Delaware as its home. The registered address for its State of Oregon agent is in Salem, OR (address in the filings link above).