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Albany Oil Train Forum

When:  Wednesday, October 15, 7-8:30 PM

Contact:  Jim Powers, 541-829-2114, jim@actonclimate.net

Where:  Albany Public Library (main branch) -2450 14th Ave SE, Main meeting room

What:    A public forum to learn about oil train facts affecting Albany, the Willamette Valley and the region, along the tracks.

Why:     Rapid increases in the extraction, shipment, export and burning of crude oil is creating new threats to our local region and our planet.  It is time to get informed.

 Who:    Representatives from local and state government, the railroad and public interest groups have been invited to provide their perspectives on this issue and to take questions from the audience.

 Forum Participants include:

  •  Bob Melbo: Senior Rail Planner, Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Douglas Baily: Corvallis Fire/HazMat Team 5, Chair-Mid-Valley Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • Dan Serres: Conservation Director, Columbia Riverkeeper
  •  Sharon Konopa: Mayor, Albany
  • John Bradner: Fire Chief, Albany

Invited Participants:

  • Brock Nelson: Union Pacific Railroad (has a scheduling conflict but will meet with us at a later time)
  • Jim Walker: State Fire Marshall
  • Vicky Lyons: Good Samaritan Disaster Preparedness
  • Albany City Council Members

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