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ODOT does not believe the Oregon public needs to be consulted in its decision to grant Megaload permits. Act on Climate asked ODOT for “party status” so we could bring public opinions opposing Megaloads to ODOT’s attention and our request was DENIED.

We are collecting public comments in opposition to Megaloads to deliver to ODOT, Governor Kitzhaber and other State representatives who need to hear from us on this issue.

Please send your comments and copies of any letters you send to ODOT, Governor Kitzhaber and your Representatives in the “Comments” box below, or email them to

On February 11, we filed a Petition in Marion County Circuit Court asking the Court to require ODOT to follow state law. We do not believe ODOT is following the law, to only issue the Megaloads permits if it is in the public interests, unless they first give the public a chance to comment.

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26 thoughts on “Megaloads – Public Comments”

  1. I moved from Texas to Oregon 4 years ago to hopefully be in a state that recognized the need to be a caretaker of our environment. Now I see this action. When we will begin to realize we are caretakers for seven generations out. Our actions today will create their world tomorrow. Let us use the wisdom of our years and leave a legacy we can all be proud of. No megaloads! No tar sand oil!

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